Featured Technique: Double-Knives

Master Webb faces an opponent armed with a wooden bat.

The attacker swings and is met with tal-do (dragging knives) to his hand and neck.

Webb moves quickly and stabs the attacker in the torso.

A final stab to the torso finishes the attacker.

"I have been involved with martial arts for about 17 years now, training in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and another branch of Wing Chun. Of those 17 years I have spent the last 13 training with Master Webb and can genuinely say he has probably the highest understanding of the art than anyone I have met so far. He is very practical in his teaching approach, and scientific in his own study of the art. He is very good at determining what works and what doesn't and integrating that understanding into his training methods in ways that are easy to understand. "
Alex McCarrier, Austin, TX