Escrima in the NVTO

AUSTIN, TX - The NVTO is pleased to announce the introduction of an official Escrima program for the organization.

Escrima is a weapons fighting art from the Philippines which teaches concepts and movements that can be applied to weapons of any kind. Whether the weapons are blunt or edged, single or double, short or long, Escrima teaches one how to use them practically for self-defense. Even common items such as a set of keys, an umbrella, or even a ball-point pen can be effectively adapted to personal defense using the concepts of Escrima. At the request of a number of members, Dai-Sifu Webb began offering Escrima through a series of intensive short courses. The courses were enthusiastically received and enrollment for each was filled as soon as they were announced.

As a corollary to the success of the short courses, Sifu Steve Frerichs (Phoenix, AZ) was contacted to collaborate on the formation of an official program for the NVTO. Sifu Frerichs, a veteran of Ving Tsun since 1979 and Escrima since 1983, is also the chief-instructor of Practical Combat Escrima (PCE). According to Dai-Sifu Webb, "Sifu Steve is a very skilled and knowledgeable Escrimador. Couple this with the fact that we both learned Escrima from the same lineage and it makes him a natural choice as the NVTO's senior Escrima consultant."

Working together, Dai-Sifu Webb and Sifu Frerichs have adapted the PCE Escrima program and ranking structure to the NVTO in a manner which mirrors that of the Ving Tsun. Since formalizing this program, more than a dozen students at the Austin headquarters have successfully completed the test for Escrima Grade 1. Moving forward the NVTO will offer Escrima instruction through on-going courses, weekend seminars and private instruction. Interested members should contact their group leader or the headquarters for more information.

Posted: Oct. 1, 2011, 9:42 a.m.